How to enjoy whisky

How to enjoy Old Hunter’s Rye

How to taste

With proper tasting methods, you can best experience all the drink’s attributes such as color, aroma, taste and overall character. When tasting, your senses should not be disturbed by surrounding influences.

Therefore take your time while tasting
and choose a quiet and peaceful environment.


For tasting, in contrast to ordinary sipping from whiskey glasses, choose a glass of a slightly closed (tulip) shape, ideally with a thin wall, which best activates and preserves the taste and aroma of the drink.
Serve it at room temperature.


After pouring approx. 2 cl of the drink into the glass, first slowly circle the glass around the drink. As a result of this, we can watch how the whiskey slowly flows down the wall of the glass.


The color of the drink can best be judged by looking at it against a light background. The longer the ageing period, the darker the color of the distillate.


We explore the aroma of the drink by lightly sniffing it with our mouth slightly open. Thanks to this, we develop a larger range of aromatic tones.


The taste is best manifested after the drink has been lingering in the mouth for a long time, rolled over the tongue. While bitterness is felt at the base of the tongue, sweetness is felt at its tip, saltiness at its front edges, and bitterness at the back.
Thanks to the thorough distribution of the sip,
we can find and feel the subtlest flavor aspects of the distillate.


The finish is the final impression of the drink after swallowing it.
This is because the lingering taste felt after swallowing is often different from the taste felt on the tongue.

Enjoyable discovery

Each variant of the Old Hunter’s Rye is characterized by a unique combination of aroma and taste. Each of the variants is worth exploring and comparing with each other. Some will like the exceptionally delicate taste of the Old Hunter´s Rye Reserve with a warm aftertaste of orchard fruit. Someone will enjoy the Old Hunter’s Rye Bourbon Cask with a rich copper color and the taste of vanilla beans wrapped in honey with a woody aftertaste. For special moments, Selection and Single Barrel offer a complex, delicate taste with a sweet finish with an echo of rye ears. Whatever your preferences, it is definitely worth exploring.