Whisky Old Hunter´s Rye Bourbon Cask Reserve from Bohemia is celebrating success not only at home, but abroad also. Not only Czech customers, but also the judges of the world tasting competition The Spirits Business World Whisky Masters 2022 liked the exceptional taste of rye from bourbon barrels. They awarded rye whisky from the oldest distillery in Europe with gold medal in the category of European blended whiskies.

Drinks from various destinations other than Ireland, Scotland and the USA are gradually gaining more popularity among whisky experts and lovers alike. This year‘s London’s The Spirits Business World Whisky Masters 2022 hosted whisky brands from 124 distilleries from all over the world. The competition was really tough. During the anonymous tasting, the jury awarded gold medals for exceptional quality to various whisky brands. Among the winners were whiskies from Japan, South Africa, Australia, the whisky from Czech Republic was not far behind. First place in the blended whisky category has won the Old Hunter´s Bourbon Cask Reserve from Palírna U Zeleného stromu. “Unlike many other distilleries, we designated only one candidate for the competition – our latest iteration from Old Hunter’s portfolio – The Bourbon Cask Reserve. It is an even greater success that the Old Hunter´s Bourbon Cask won a gold medal at its first international appearance,” says marketing manager Boris Rajdl. The jury was impressed by the whisky from the Czech Republic with its exceptional  vanilla notes combined with a rich woody finish, and lingerging tones of honey, white pepper and blackberries.

Whisky from Prostějov conquers the world

The popularity of quality whisky continues to grow. “In the Czech Republic, the overall whisky market is growing by 8 percentage points compared to last year, and sales by even 14 percentage points. Higher sales growth can be deduced from higher sales of more premium and branded products. The average price is growing more slowly than total sales, by only 5 percentage points year-on-year. We also noticed an increase in sales of the more premium variants of Old Hunter´s Reserve and Selection, by even 80%,” says Boris Rajdl.

The Old Hunter´s Bourbon Cask is not only successful here at home or at world tasting competitions but it is also doing great abroad in export business. The proof is a positive sales development in one of the largest and fastest growing alcohol markets in the world – India. We are convinced that the unparelled brand story and evidence of the brand’s quality confirmed by the successfull acquistions of whisky awards at prestigious international competitions are very important to customers. The consistent each year gold medal victories were very also for successfull initial meeting with India importers.

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