A unique delicate taste

Oak barrels

The key to harmonizing the aroma and delicate taste of fine spirits aged in barrels for years is the finest wood.

Old Hunter’s Rye Single barrel
Aging period: 8 years

The taste includes aromas of overripe grain and subtly roasted rye malt with traces of caramel.

Old Hunter’s Rye Selection
Aging period: 7 years

Taste: Complex, exceptionally smooth with a tempting taste of vanilla, sweet finish with a hint of rye. It ages for 4 years, with selected barrels aged for another 3 years.

Old Hunter’s Rye Reserve
Aging period: 4 years

The taste is complex, mature and full of life with delicate woody notes and a sweetly warming finish of orchard fruit.

Old Hunter’s Rye
Aging period: 1 year

Delicious and delicate taste, emphasized by a stronger fruity finish.

The history of the oldest distillery in Europe began on 4 July 1518, when Vilém of Pernštejn and Helfštýn granted the brewing rights to thirty-one house owners in Prostějov. Among those selected was the gamekeeper Jež from Seloutky, who owned the house At the Green Tree in the square. From the beginning, the Green Tree Distillery was dedicated to the production of rye distillate and Prostějov spirits became more and more popular, making the town a popular destination. And so began the era of a distillery with purely Czech origins, which can even now after 500 years, boast that it has remained under Czech ownership.

The distillery U Zeleného stromu a.s. is a direct successor of the Czech distilleries GRANETTE from Ústí nad Labem and Starorežná Prostějov. It continues the 500-year long and rich tradition of the two leading Czech traditional spirits producers.

It is also the largest purely Czech producer of spirits on the Czech market. The company’s product range includes more than a hundred products. The most famous brands include Old Hunter’s Rye, Blend 42 vodka and Hanácká vodka.


Only three people know the exact formula
of Old Hunter’s Rye.

A touch of love in every drop

Although the technology used to produce
Old Hunter’s Rye has been modernised,
the passion and love for this drink
remains the same.


For centuries, they have been mixed in
the same proportions and following
the same production process.

Roman Petruš, Master Distiller

Every day, he checks the ongoing
aging process and the quality of the unique
combination of carefully selected ingredients.

Original Czech formula

Essential men who built the brand

The legend of Old Hunter’s Rye was the work of not one but three men – three estate owners. The first was Vilém II of Pernštejn, who granted the brewing rights to the owner of the house at the Green Tree in 1518 and thus gave birth to the 500-year tradition of the production of spirits. The successful entrepreneur Luis Eckelmann and Jakub Vojáček, a pioneer of rye spirits from Prostějov, were at the birth and growth of Old Hunter’s Rye.

Their legacy comes together in the story of Old Hunter’s Rye. Each estate owner has made a personal contribution to improving the quality of the unique spirit. Jakub Vojáček was no exception. The progressive man produced rye distillate using a new technique in improved stills. However, it wasn’t until a chance encounter with a well-travelled entrepreneur and passionate hunter, Luis Eckelmann, that the original recipe for Old Hunter’s Rye was spread throughout the Czech Lands. Based on his experience from Scotland, he began to store the original spirit in wooden barrels and produce it “on a large scale” in a newly built distillery in Krásné Březno. In 2011, the production and all the technology and barrels were moved to Prostějov to the Green Tree Distillery.